Principles and Foundations of my Yoga Teaching

Gary Dixon, Yoga Teacher, Guildford – UK

28 November 2016

The Yoga instruction and teaching Workshops and Classes I deliver are in a welcoming and friendly immersive environment. You are surrounded by others on the same path as you and the teacher is right there with you. This is my method. Instead of giving you upfront a set sequence to follow, I focus first on the principles and foundations that will allow you to find the true expression of any pose, and to develop within the movement as a person. That comes first with me. Always. Any class or personal sequences we put together as a flow, are secondary to this Yoga principle.

Perhaps you enjoy fast and flowing power vinyasa yoga or perhaps you like to go slower, for longer, and then deeper into muscle tissue with the more traditional Vinyasa Krama Yoga . At Yogarry, I love to teach. I wholeheartedly embrace all styles of modern Yoga – from Vinyasa, to Hot Yoga to Yin Yoga and so on.


The power of Yoga, like everything else we know of, derives from fields and particles.

As a yoga teacher I utilise a blended learning approach that served me so well throughout my 25 years of teaching in adult education. To encapsulate the best of all practice styles I believe that modern Yoga has developed into a multi faceted practice that encompasses many aspects of lifestyle, health and fitness that traditional Yoga masters would have readily embraced had they lived through to the 21st century. For example, with this in mind, my Yoga teaching is embedded with knowledge and education around PNF and Kinesiology techniques.

“If there’s one thing you can trust in today’s ever changing and evolving world, it’s a professional quality teacher. Get the teaching you want for your Yoga practice by contacting me today.”

These have been helping sports therapists for more than 50 years to receive the best care for their muscle groups. When you understand the key elements of muscle groups and their antagonists, as a teacher you can apply them to respond creatively to your students’ needs. I have learned how to experience and manage energy or prana, and this provides them me with an insightful and assisting style of teaching that can target and focus on what you need to advance your development.


Every class, every individual person, has their own needs, every day. The future can’t be found by travelling along the familiar roads day after day. It lies in the unknown, the untravelled, the unexplored. That’s you.

Being dedicated to modern forms and techniques means two things. I know Yoga. And I get to know your yoga pretty rapidly. I also know how to fit Yoga into my lifestyle. With Yogarry you won’t be asked to change into a brow-beaten-OM-chanting-hippy, nor drop it all and run off to follow a guru in the Surrey Hills. Neither will you repeatedly injure yourself throwing shapes like a circus act and end up paying your chiropractor more than your weekly food bill. I’ll help you become more comfortable, flexible and create more space and time for the things you have in your life ! And fast check here.


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